Candy Girl

By Alexandra Kernerman Vogelhut                                                               Word Count: 599 She might be sweet like candy, I think as she walks by. Her strawberry hair flows and …

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The Saga of Cyrillus Severus

By Kyle De Luca If Cyrillus didn't act quickly, the stranger would surely unleash his demons on him, without remorse. The only thing our hero knew to do was offer him what little money he had, surely that would satisfy him. Cyrillus Severus is a young man who doesn’t seem to fit in. Not at …

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The Empath Life

By Natalie Dragota Empath: (chiefly in science fiction) a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual Let me tell you a little bit about being something called an “Empath”, because it has changed my life considerably. An empath is said to be a type of human whom …

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