The Saga of Cyrillus Severus

By Kyle De Luca

If Cyrillus didn’t act quickly, the stranger would surely unleash his demons on him, without remorse. The only thing our hero knew to do was offer him what little money he had, surely that would satisfy him.

Cyrillus Severus is a young man who doesn’t seem to fit in. Not at home, where he is quiet to the point of being mute. Not at school, where he is left with feelings that he is somehow beyond the teaching of his school masters. And not even with his friends, who can seem to find endless enjoyment by losing themselves in a bottle of alcohol.

But a chance meeting with a stranger sets him on a path that will change his life forever and banish the dullness that seems to hang over his head, weighing him down with a monotony that has threatened to engulf him at times.

In Italy, Cyrillus truly finds himself. From historic narrow Roman streets, steeped in ancient history, to the rolling countryside beyond, his travels and meetings were to bring about a change in his attitude and his view on the world in general.

Throughout his travels in the country and the people he meets, Cyrillus is finally able to begin experiencing life in all its vibrancy and colour, as well as discovering that not everyone is friendly and welcoming.

Read the full story, available for download here.

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