the resilience

By ndragota                                                                                                 Word Count: 258

I am unbreakable
Because I am a pro at putting myself back together
People have walked all over me
But you will see no marks here on this vessel as ive washed it clean of fingertips, lips and limbs
People have taken me into the dark and left me there
But its funny because I always come out with better vision
Others have taken everything, even the meat off my bones
But in a couple months I always end up stronger
People have taken parts of me with them
But its alright, because I have created new parts of myself
And the parts that were recovered, well they have been placed back together back into a functional unit
And I assure you, I am just fine
I may not be the same
But I am unbreakable
So if you want to hurt me, you can go for it
Because I now know where I stand-in a place where I will not allow anyone to affect me
I have felt it all before
And if you wish to stand in my way, you will regret it
If you decide to stand in my way, that placement will exhaust you.
So do not bother because I am too busy feeding my soul and nursing my wounds to pay mind to your existence.
I am all that I have met
I am all of those people who have hurt me
I have absorbed all of these energies and adopted them as my own
So tell me,
how will you affect me?

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