If you wont love me somebody else will

By Annalissa                                                                                                     Word Count: 160

“If you wont love me somebody else will”
I mean this for me
I mean this for you
Don’t be afraid to lose love
because your the kind
that love will find again too
In the event
that we don’t make it through
don’t forget that
your worth
is not measured by
my failure to recognize truth
but by the very fact
that love will chose you
to be its carrier.
Don’t let my inability
to keep you
turn into a barrier that sets you apart
from the love you deserve.
Don’t let me be the reason
you don’t see your own self-worth.
You would be loved again…

I hope I love you now so much
that if we ever were to end
your heart would be strong enough
to mend again.
To extend your hand to mend
someone else’s heart.
You deserve that kind of happiness.

Somebody else will love you
if i cant.

I promise.

Originally posted on Annalissa’s tumblr. Read more of her work here.

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