the art of softness

By ndragota                                                                                                Word Count: 370

If you are a soft woman, do not pretend to be hard.
Because if being hard is okay then being soft is also okay.
We have enough women that are hard. We have enough women that repost memes talking about how to “think like a man” or “play games better”. But I know that I’ll never think like a man and I don’t play games either.
We have enough women who won’t give second chances, or will not forgive.
And then there are women like me who will give chances out like chocolates. And I know that is me- so no matter how bad I wish I was cold- I will never be.
If anyone tells you to stop reaching out to someone- you don’t have to listen.
Because the person who told you that probably has more Pride than you ever will/could and that’s why they can put a limit on giving or embarrassing themselves- but this does not make you weak.
You may wake up regretting someone you may have slept with the night before, or something you may have said to someone. But you will never wake up regretting getting something off your chest that means something to you.
And the person you are reaching out to may not deserve it and yea maybe you won’t get the answer you want, but at least now they know. At least now it’s out there.
I will always be this person. And unfortunately, I wish there was some sort of solution but there really isn’t.
When you are as soft as I am, your life will be a cycle of unusual and dysfunctional relationships. Each of which will cause you to hurt in a different type of way each time.

But how interesting it all is, and the lessons I have learned-
Well those that are hard would not have learned them the same.
You really just have to let people destroy you until you finally have had enough.
Apparently I still haven’t had enough. But it’s better than feeling like I am choking on my words or feelings. And one thing is for certain, I will never destroy me.
I may be soft but I am resilient


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