By ndragota                                                                                                  Word Count: 200

How does it feel to be left behind?
I’m asking you because I realize now that you are the one being left behind.
I thought it was me
But I see now you are more of a ghost than me
And I am iridescence, excitement, light and love
So how is it possible to be that being and be left behind?
You see it is impossible
Because you may have left me here
But I am still here, and others still notice me upon passing me in my stagnancy.
But where are you?
You are as invisible as you choose to be
Your smile is empty and your colours are washed out and stale
And I realize now you wanted to be left behind but knew I never had the nerve to do it which left you know choice.
Thank you
Thank you for being the one to be left behind
Because I would not have learned to put a limit on my love had you not.
How does it feel to be left behind?
Because my feet are still moving,
My story is far from over,
And I have far too much to give,
To someone who is unworthy.


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