By   ndragota                                                                                               Word Count: 245

Mother Nature is waiting to answer all of your questions. She’s wondering why you never inquire with Her. She attempts to remind you with the breeze that gently caresses your face. She waits for you on the empty earthy trails in the outskirts of the concrete jungle. She worries you may forget Her, so She brings a storm to remind you. The same storm that purifies the earth purifies your thoughts. The same rain that urges the grass to grow helps you grow as well. She waits for you in the trees- the leaves are Her eyes through which She admires you from afar. She wonders why you’d turn to anything else. She wonders why you put poisons in your body, when She has lakes you could be immersed in. She has sunsets fuchsia and blood orange- more vivid than your television screens- more iridescent than the buildings and sidewalks you encounter daily. “You are not alone,” She says; with colourful fish that long to swim through and across your limbs and mountains craving to be climbed. She wonders why you feel so alone, with fields ready to be frolicked and waters desiring to be dove into. With flowers whose petals are softer than the skin of any being and rustic scents that linger around you. Do not forget what is right in front of you. She is the smell after the rain. Mother Nature is waiting, and She wants to answer all your questions.



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