By Kevin S. Magri                                                                                                         Word Count: 107


I remember when my heart was young
And love was a happy mystery;
But those days have passed, those songs are sung
With our love – preserved in history.

Tender kisses and passionate lust
Engulfed us once with serenity;
Those embraces now faded to dust,
Your love nothing – just a memory.

Now as always the sun sets each day
And the hours, second by second, flee;
In these feeble words alone shall stay
My fragile hope for eternity.

Even though the sun shall set each day,
Each day her rays of light boldly burn
To dispel the darkness and the gray:
So one day too, dear Love, return.

[from _”Le Trained People” and Other Writings_ (Filfla Islet Press, 2008, p.11)]

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