On Comfort

By Kyle De Luca                                                                                                               Word Count: 347

Comfort is a funny thing, really. When we’re younger, most of us are comfortable doing pretty much anything. Picking my nose in public, no problem! Causing a scene so my Mom will buy me what I want, easy. But it seems that the older we get, the less comfortable we become.

In class, we look over at the picture another kid drew, and suddenly we think, “Maybe, I’m not great at drawing.” This happens throughout our lives more and more, with our friends, family, and even at our job. The comparisons start, and the self-confidence shrinks. But why is this?

Why do we have to be better or worse? Why not just different? If you really look closely at what comparing ourselves to others really does, it can be pretty destructive. It can lead people to act totally out of character, and completely give in to blind ambition, while ignoring friends and family.

The problem is that people actually tell us what’s right and wrong in our own lives. We couldn’t possibly upset them, could we? Even to the point of great suffering we do this. We keep it all to ourselves, no need to offend anyone, so I’ll just stay in my little corner over here. This is not the key to a happy life.

Why not express yourself, I say? No matter how weird you think, BE WEIRD!! There’s a reason that certain things excite you, and damnit, you need to do more of those things! We all have an expiration date, no matter what kind of shape you’re in. We all have needs and wants that go unmet, and at the very least, we need to make those known. This is how to truly live!

Spend time only with those who will lift you up, and limit (if not eliminate) time spent with wretches who conspire against you. This is the only life you’ll get, so it’s critical that you make the best of it and shine. The only person really in your way is YOU.

Come on, you know you want to…

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