By Alexandra Kernerman Vogelhut                                                                              Word Count: 398

There has to be a plot, a theme, a purpose. Something to create and project out to the world. There needs to be a true point to all of this, otherwise it’s just words strung together. What they need to be are delicately placed words; words that by their placement tell a truth. It should be a truth about the world and life how it is. It must speak to the hearts of those who read it and resonate as real, developed, and profound. Perhaps that is too much to ask from a word. A word has interpretations. What if someone doesn’t interpret these words as truth? A lie! A lie! How their truth conflicts with these words. What number of people will see these as lie and not truth? Is this possible to know? No, maybe not, for sure not. If there is a truth then it can be written but people may not believe it. Even if it is written down.

So let us exclaim! THIS IS TRUTH.


There are no crickets on a page. And yet, that claim is itself a lie. Where to find the plot, the theme, the purpose… It exists on this page. If it can be known it will be known, it will be written here and down.

The lies the lies the lies. They are here, on this page, with the truth. It’s how life is, with truth and lie beside each other. One never winning over the other. Is that the point, the plot, the theme? A purpose created on the page would seem to follow freely here. It lingers between the lines, shaken from the words banged out on the page.

The words contain the point.

While we wait here, for the purpose, the theme – the plot will reveal itself eventually. Maybe if there’s no movement it will show itself. But no, impossible; for only in movement can it be discovered.

Uncovered. And who covered the point? The plot? The lie? The truth? To discover and uncover it must have been covered first. Let’s look at what’s in the way. The way. What is in the way? The words are in the way. If we take away the words then the point will be all that’s left! That’s it, there it is. The point; it must be there if only there were no words…

Is it there?

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